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Spine Surgery

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Minimally invasive spine surgery is the performance of surgery through a small incision.

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Brain Tumors

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Many primary brain tumors are benign, which means that they remain in the part of the brain in which they started and do not spread into and destroy other areas of the brain tissue.

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Pain Management

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Pain management is a type of specialized medical care designed to minimize the impact of surgical pain or chronic pain. 

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Comprehensive Neurosurgical & Spine Care

The practice provides comprehensive and compassionate neurosurgical care utilizing state of the art technology including minimally invasive spine surgery as well as computer-assisted and endoscopic brain surgery. The new facility features approximately 16,413 square feet and is staffed with four neurosurgeons, a pain management physician, five nurses, two nursing assistants and two radiology technicians.

Florence Neurosurgery & Spine Center has invested in the latest technologies in order to provide the highest level of health care. The new facility features:

  • Completely digital internal radiology network (PACS)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Electronic medical records capability (EMR)
  • Guestnet™ interactive kiosks for patient education

Each of the five physicians are board certified in Neurosurgery or Pain Management. They also serve on the medical staff at Carolinas Hospital System and McLeod Regional Medical Center.